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luxury retirement homesIf we talk about the retirement homes, then in today’s time, 55+ retirement communities are different from those of the past and they should not be confused with nursing homes or assisted living facilities. They are independent living; age-restricted residences for those who want to downsize and live a more maintenance–free lifestyle. Many times, older adults move to these communities when their spouses pass away, when they are recently retired, when their family home seems too large to manage, or are simply planning for a new chapter in their life.

Offering style of living…

The Golden Estate offers this style of living, which allows older adults to remain autonomous, but offers specific amenities such as maintenance-free living, structured activities, socialization and a sense of community. It also offers round-the-clock security, various size residences, numerous amenities, opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, and more. Realizing that you or your loved one is ready to move to a 55+ community is the first step in this new phase of life. Downsizing and transitioning from a home full of memories and good times can be challenging. However, as you begin to weigh the pros and cons of making a move like this, you quickly begin to see all the advantages 55+ communities have to offer. Moving to a retirement community means understanding that although you aren’t as young as you once were, there is still plenty of good living to do.

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Our ownership structure is designed to create and preserve a thriving community of the like-minded people and ensures our residents have a consistent and hassle-free life at senior housing The Golden Estate. The ownership structure ensures that both the asset and the finances of our residents are securely protected and managed by us, to give them clarity and peace of mind. Contact one of the best retirement homes in Delhi ‘The Golden Estate’ to spend best days of your life without any worry.


Do you dread old age?

Does the thought of living alone in your old age scare you?

Are you afraid of being dependent on your children as you age?

Senior Living Residential CommunityThen The Golden Estate is for you. Being a senior living residential community, The Golden Estate offers luxury living for seniors. Old age is a time for inner fulfillment and celebration of the years that went by. The Golden Estate provides the right environment to do so. The facility is equipped with modern amenities and fully furnished. The housekeeping staff is always on their toes to take care of daily chores and attend to your needs. You can indulge in a taste of different cuisines and relish sumptuous meals prepared by in house chefs. There is a team of nurses and doctor to look after your health as the need arises.

During your stay, you don’t have to worry about the growing distance between your loved ones. They can visit you whenever they wish and also stay at the facility. You can also have your get together and family celebrations at the banquet facility.

At TGE, you will never have to leave your hobbies behind. You can indulge in your interests as you please. There’s a library, a gym, and also a wellness centre. You can discuss your business plans at the Business Centre.

With a commitment to serve and meticulous attention to the smallest of details, the TGE team does its best to make you feel loved, respected and taken care of. So if you’re looking for retirement homes in India, then The Golden Estate will be your best bet.

Luxury Retirement Living‎There has always been a debate on whether there is a need for senior citizen living homes or not. People call it a necessary evil. According to surveys and psychology, people over the age 60 are supposed to have a mental health of a 20 year old and the highest happiness levels.

The lives of the elderly is supposed to be less stressful and laden without responsibilities. They should be free of the struggle to succeed in their careers, and of the emotional and financial struggles of parenthood.

Old age is highly feared by many as it is seen as a process of loss, or having to let go of things we depend on. But, on the contrary, old age is something we should look forward to. Yes, it is true, that your health might not be that good and your energy levels may not be that high but it is also the time of liberation and lightness, a time when you can truly concentrate on yourself and yourself only.

Our elders have to be revered and cared for. They are the reason we are what we are today. They are responsible for us and now that they are old and infirm, they are our responsibility. Roles get switched. And since they have always played their role perfectly, it is now your time to give them back what they deserve.

Senior living homes are what they need and deserve. A luxury retirement living, for the best years of their life, where they find a home and family that beats everything in the world.