Many elderly people today are financially independent but are left alone as the younger generation spends their time traveling across the country or opt to settle down near to workplace. And this is the time when elderly people prefer to spend their post retirement life in an active manner by indulging in their long lost hobbies and passions. The factors that generally attributes for the increased demand for retirement homes in India are:

  • Growing wealth
  • Longer life spans
  • Fast changing mindsets
  • Joint family are giving way to nuclear families
  • Need for companionship of the same age

The concept of retirement homes in India

The non-existence of traditional family support system is giving rise to an increased number of nuclear families and around 9% of the population is 60+ which require a great need of support. The concept of retirement homes in India has been borrowed from US and Australian markets where it is quite popular. The concept of senior citizen accommodation is new and in prominence from the last 5 to 6 years. Today, a good number of realty players are finding their interest towards senior citizen homes India as they can see a good demand and they are actively focusing on building senior citizen explicit projects.

Why The Golden Estate is best choice for you

Several charity groups and local developers are also participating on this niche market but there is no match between The Golden Estate and other senior citizen home care in India in terms of service, security and care. Along with the numerous facilities, we take take care of our residents in every aspect. No need to worry about your health at our premises because we involve a team of professional doctors who are available 24×7 in your service. Plus, at The Golden Estate environment is serene and full of positivity. So, come to our premises and experience what happiness is.