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senior living homesThe Golden Estate, as the name suggests, is the most celebrated paid senior citizen homes Delhi (NCR). The Golden Estate is the home away from home for the Senior Citizens wishing to live a worry-free life in their retirement years, in a serene atmosphere where one can interact with nature. Opting The Golden Estate is like getting best way of life that makes aging a real privilege.

Something Beyond from Basic Requirements

The modern senior living homes are constructed to provide an ideal retirement life for senior citizens. This senior living community signifies a complete living setup specially designed for senior citizens. Each of our team members leave no stone unturned when it comes to fulfilling the requirements of the elderly people. Apart from providing modern amenities, we also offer tasty foods that are well-liked by our senior citizens, and which will also not harm them in anyway. All this facilities and services make The Golden Estate one of the best senior citizen living homes in India. The residential property is something beyond from these basic requirements. After a certain age, it becomes difficult for a person to take care of themselves if no one is there to look after.

Team of Skilled Staff Members

At our senior living residential community, we involve a team of skilled staff members who are available 24×7 for fulfilling the necessities of residents. It is a place where a person can re-live every moment of his life leaving all worries behind by participating in several activities which are organized on numerous occasions. So, instead of wasting time in finding a new ambition after retirement it’s better to opt for senior citizen care center ‘The Golden Estate’ where you will make new friends and get quality time to spend with your loved ones.


Do you dread old age?

Does the thought of living alone in your old age scare you?

Are you afraid of being dependent on your children as you age?

Senior Living Residential CommunityThen The Golden Estate is for you. Being a senior living residential community, The Golden Estate offers luxury living for seniors. Old age is a time for inner fulfillment and celebration of the years that went by. The Golden Estate provides the right environment to do so. The facility is equipped with modern amenities and fully furnished. The housekeeping staff is always on their toes to take care of daily chores and attend to your needs. You can indulge in a taste of different cuisines and relish sumptuous meals prepared by in house chefs. There is a team of nurses and doctor to look after your health as the need arises.

During your stay, you don’t have to worry about the growing distance between your loved ones. They can visit you whenever they wish and also stay at the facility. You can also have your get together and family celebrations at the banquet facility.

At TGE, you will never have to leave your hobbies behind. You can indulge in your interests as you please. There’s a library, a gym, and also a wellness centre. You can discuss your business plans at the Business Centre.

With a commitment to serve and meticulous attention to the smallest of details, the TGE team does its best to make you feel loved, respected and taken care of. So if you’re looking for retirement homes in India, then The Golden Estate will be your best bet.

Image Rich and lonely or poor and hungry, the plight of the elderly in our country is far from satisfactory. Be it the medical necessities or the psychological needs, the legal bodies have seemed to ignore many of the geriatric issues.

Currently we have over 8 million senior citizens in the country, a figure which is expected to increase by 326% for those over 60s and by 700% for those over 80s till 2050, as estimated by the Giri report on National Policy on Senior Citizens (2011), which means that in the coming 4 decades we will have around 350 million senior citizens in India. This appalling figure is enough to jolt the authorities to take some serious actions towards moulding the legal structure to their benefit.

Now let us analyze WHY the elderly section demands special care and attention from the society:

  • Deteriorating health: Its a proven fact that after a certain age, the human body encounters a lot of health complications; bones getting porous, weakening of muscles, blood pressure, sugar are most common in old age. According to a study, India is swiftly steering its way to becoming the diabetic capital of the world. Our hospitals still need to be equipped with a special geriatric ward and the medical studies need to update their syllabi to new geriatric medicines.
  • Emotional distress: loneliness and rejection naturally come along with aging, which is one of the foremost causes of failing health as well. According to a survey conducted by AZ research in 12 major cities of India, 80% of the seniors seek tosustain the lifetsyle they once enjoyed in their working phase, while 75% of them want to go out, socialize, play, exercise, party and shop for luxuries.
  • Financial trough: For over 70% of the senior citizen population falling under the poverty line, the government announces mere Rs 1000 per month as pension. Needless to say the authorities of our nation are much apathetic to the situation of elderly than many of its poorer counterparts, which are generous enough to dole out more funds on the healthcare and welfare of its older lot.
  • Security: The findings of the AZ research survey also reveal that 3 out of 10 senior citizens stay alone and most of them suffer from anxiety and aloofness from their neighbors and relatives. And while 80% of them fear about their ‘at-home’ security, 70% of them are ready to move to a peaceful town or city offering holistic care that includes instant medical facilities, better security, community bonding and as like.

So these are some of the appealing realities that go uncounted in our society. An interesting point to note here is that, apart from legal changes, what our country desperately needs is a strong culture for senior citizens communities and centers to get them on one platform that offers all the facilities like medical aids, security, recreational clubs that ultimately make them feel better about themselves. This however sounds like an alien in our country but would work miles in improving the plight of the senior citizens by removing the tags of dependent, unwanted from their shoulders and making them feel their worth in the society.

Remember the days when you were learning to walk, it was his finger that you held or after coming back from school, it was her who fed you with her own hands. Well those times are just a memory and you’re busy making a life in a new city, while your parents keep waiting alone for that one phone call from you. They understand your need for space and time, but isn’t it also time to give them back an installment of what they did for you. Give them back a glimpse of the house they had built, give them people whom they can talk to and give them a feeling of belonging to a place.

If it was possible for you to do all this, would you not?

So while you are away and they alone, do a few things to make them feel loved.

Remember birthdays & anniversaries

Remembering their birthdays, anniversaries or any other day they think is special will bring a special joy to your parents’ life. Send gifts, take them out for dinner and share as much spend time with them on special occasions. The memories you created for them will stay in their hearts and make them feel
you still love and care for them even if you don’t stay with them

Spend Some Time

Being in touch and spending time with them, when they least expect it, is often the best way to make anyone feel special and value. It may be a day you have specially planned for them or a casual dinner that you plan. Invite them over to your place or read a book out to them (this is too western to be
mentioned). Any way you spend time with them will be a memory to cherish for them.

Stay in Touch

So you are unable to make time to spend an entire weekend with them or even take them out someplace. How about just letting them know that you remember them, a short phone call asking them about their health and what’s going on in their life or an sms wishing them good morning. These
things that will not take much time, will develop into moments that they hold as the most precious.

Be grateful.

So you spend a minimum amount of time with them, perhaps festivals and special occasions get you together, even these moments can be made extremely special, with small gestures from your end.
A little gratitude goes a long way in making them feel special and valued. Say Thank You, smile at their jokes, take interest in their lives, turn off everything that you can, when you are with them. Small gestures such as these will go a long way and help them understand how crunched of time you are.

Every relationship is unique and only you can know the best way to make your parents feel special, these are just starters, it’s your desire to make them special that will make the difference at the end of the day.

So go ahead, think about what makes them feel special and do something about it, after all, they cared for you, when you needed it the most