A catastrophe of an unimaginable magnitude has hit theuttrkhnd state of Uttarakhand, while not entirely unexpected, we were unprepared as usual. This isn’t the first time that the human race has had to face the fury of nature and “Land of Gods” is perhaps the latest victim of Mother Nature. Being the most popular pilgrimage destination in the country, thousands of devotees have had to face the might of water, as they battle for survival and escape to safety.

Elderly and seniors comprising of a significant population at these locations, face the dual challenge of survival and then beginning their life once again, at an age when most thought living with calm and serenity. As the death toll increases, the media shows us examples of how helpless the people were before the intervention of the Indian Army.  Huge walls of water brought down entire road, buildings and mountains alike, all in a flash.

As the people were evacuated to a safer place, priority was given to the elderly, women and children. With roads being damaged food, water and medical assistance are all scarce, making it difficult for the elderly fighting this battle. The worst was for those, who were suffering from chronic ailments, having lost all of their medication, they were now entirely dependent upon others to get them through this ordeal.

The situation could have been much worse, however the administration being unprepared and lack of coordination between the government agencies, added an element of unnecessary delay, which in this scenario translates into perhaps thousands of lives.

However, it’s now time to look forward, this is no time to cry over spilled milk, we need to start taking an initiative, and we need to start engaging in self-precautionary measures. We must now come together to ensure that the elders and others in Uttarakhand survive this catastrophe that has befallen them.

While a few steps such as avoiding these northern areas during monsoons and even if you travel, having some contact in the cities nearby who could be of assistance if the situation arises, can be taken to ensure you have a smooth journey.  Also, seniors must always carry the small doses of medicines with them whenever they visit any outdoor place and an understanding of the weather is essential before any travel.

Let’s pray for the people who are affected by this calamity and hope that everything comes back to normal, however please make every effort you can to support the survivors in Uttarakhand.