oldage2Most of people over the age of 75 prefer to stay mostly at home, with the population increasing leaps and bounds everywhere; stepping out these days is not an easy task. This desire for relaxation and freedom are absolutely natural, but may be a cause of concern for their children, who are busy with performing the duties, essential in today’s world, earning their daily bread.

While away and parents at home, the children need to ensure that their parents and other elders are safe and secure, while most of the times this concern is just precautionary, there may be instances where it may become essential. The elders may fall, forget to take their medicine or may be even forget their belongings at someplace and panic, all these are genuine concerns and can happen to anyone.

However, the blessing of science, technology has come up with some pretty useful gadgets that maybe more helpful to the elderly than the regular folk:

Big button cell phones

These cell phones are specially designed for elderly persons. Their distinct features like big sized keys for ease of use, emergency call button, hearing aid complaint, flash light, long battery life, etc prove to be worth using.

A bed that gets up with you

An invention from Japan, where almost 20 percent of population is over 65. Panasonic has developed a bed that easily converts into a wheel chair so that elderly people can become mobile without actually having to get up out of bed.

A memory cheat sheet

When people talk about Google Glass, no one mentions old persons. But can you imagine how much easier old age would be if you never have to worry about remembering to-do list.

Remote monitoring

With remote monitoring system, the care providers can automatically detect emergency situations like falls, etc. any critical situation can be avoided from turning it into an emergency.

Vacuum cleaning robot

This gadget performs the human day to day tasks of cleaning, sweeping, etc. with a touch f a button the elderly people can make their place dirt free and that too without any hassle.

These technological innovations may definitely aid the elderly people and lessen the worries of their children for them.