I remember rushing through the house, towards the veranda, with my grandfather , every time we heard an airplane flying over our house. We both would look at the plane in wonder, and walk away only when it had flown to a point that was beyond our visual capabilities.

Whenever a plane flew over our house we’d follow this ritual, every-time.

Yet, by the evening, I would over-hear my Grandfather bickering, to his friends, about how- “Airplanes are too much power for man, it would anger the gods”. This act of bickering always followed the act of rushing through the house to see the airplane with me.

But these are just hazy memories.

Those times are long gone by. I am the grandfather now.

The differences between us and them are sometimes startling. The inactivity of the “Screen Generation”, always gazing into some or the other screen of their phones, laptops, iPads, TVs and devices that are too difficult for me to remember, is just astounding. This coupled with them consuming what passes as food these days, is a serious concern. They need to step out in the open, experience the soft grass slowly moisturizing their sole as they run across the gardens bare feet, they need to be more active.

No, don’t get me wrong, I make a point to try and understand the new things my grandkids are“hooked” to- their new games, their new books, their new technology, and I try to look amused even though I can’t comprehend much.

Right now my grandson likes a new video-game, you can play tennis by simply holding the remote and the hero in the videogame mimes the actions you make in reality.

Wouldn’t it be so much more fun to play the game in reality?

Well, recognising the enthusiasm of my grandson,  I joined him at his game.

Usually after 30 minutes or so, my grandson seems more interested in conversing with me.

This way, I get to spend time with my grandson, and he gets to play with a new partner in his video games.

Playing video games (even though I never completely get the sense of one), has brought me dearly close to my grandson.

I do remember my grandfather at times, how his bickering used to anger me endlessly.

Why did he join me to see those airplanes when he disliked them? This question really confused my young sensibilities.

Today, after struggling with my role as a grandfather for almost a decade, it doesn’t anymore.